Public prosecutor's office

Public Prosecutor's Office

Like any jurisdiction, the Court is assisted by a Public Prosecutor's Office, conducted by the King's Attorney General. He performs the rote of Public Attorney at the Court and has a Secretariat. He is assisted in his duties by Prosecuting Attorneys chosen among the magistrates of the Court.

The rote of the Public Prosecutor's Office operates in four ways:

  • Submitting the conclusions following the reports at the end of the provisional and final rulings established by the magistrates-rapporteurs.
  • Issuing requests before the Court in view of submitting to it budgetary and financial discipline matters. It submits to the Court the operations assumed to have constituted de facto management. It requests the implementation of the fine provided for against the accountants if they fail to submit accounts within the deadline ;
  • Submitting motions for appeal, cassation and review ;
  • Coordinating and supervising the action of the Public Attorney's Office and RCAs.