General Secretariat

The general secretary of the court ensures that the accounts, exhibits and documents provided for by the code of financial jurisdictions are produced by the persons concerned, within the time limits set. He notifies the King’s Attorney General in case of a delay.

He assists the first president in the coordination of the work of the court as well as in the organization of hearings of the formations of the court. It also contributes with him to the coordination of the work of the regional courts.

The first president can delegate to him, by decree, his signature in matters of management financial jurisdictions staff.

He ensures, under the authority of the first president, the operation of the administrative services of the court and the registry.

The registry registers the accounts and accounting documents produced in court and distributes them to the chambers according to the court’s work program. He proceeds to the archiving of said accounts and documents. He notifies the judgments and indictments of the court and certifies the copies and extracts of his jurisdictional acts.