organizational structure and operation


The President exercises his powers by decision or ordinance. He ensures the general management of the Regional Court and the organization of its work; he exercises the following attributions:

  • He chairs Regional Court sessions and can also chair the sessions of Regional Court sections.
  • He decides on the annual program of the Regional Court with the participation of the Section Presidents and in coordination with the King’s Attorney, with regard to cases falling within the jurisdictional attributions of the Regional Court.
  • He distributes the work between the councillors.
  • The public ministry attached to the Regional Court is exercised by the King’s Attorney appointed among the councillors. King’s Attorney may be assisted by one or more substitutes.

The King’s Attorney

The King’s Attorney exercises his ministry by filing conclusions and requisitions. He exercises his ministry only in jurisdictional matters devolved to the Regional Court.

He exercises the following powers :

  • He receives communication of the reports concerning jurisdictional matters devolved to the Regional Court.
  • It requires the President, in case of delay in production of accounts, the application of the fine.
  • He attends the sessions of the Regional Court’s formations and can give new observations there.
  • If he discovers facts that fall within the jurisdiction of the Regional Court in terms of de facto management or budgetary and financial discipline, he seizes the Regional Court.


The registry registers accounts and relating documents produced in Regional Court, and ensures their distribution according to the work program of the Regional Court.

The registry then proceeds to the archiving of said accounts and documents. He notifies the judgments and acts of the Regional Court and certifies the copies and extracts of his jurisdictional acts.