The Court of Auditors is a member of several International organizations such as :

 INTOSAI: International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions

Within the INTOSAI, the Court is a member of two commissions:

  • The Capacity Building Commission
  • The Knowledge Sharing Commission

In this regard, The Court is member of several working groups:

  • Member of the steering committee of The Working Group on Environmental Auditing WGEA, and member of the executive group of the ‘ClimateScanner’ project, led by the WEGA.
  • WGFACML, Working Group on the Fight Against Corruption and Money Laundering
  • WGSDG, KSDI Working Group on SDGs and Key Sustainable Development Indicators
  • Forum of Jurisdictional SAIs which is part of the INTOSAI Working Group on the Value and Benefits of SAIs.
  • WGFES, Working Group on Financial and Economic Stability.
  • WGEPPP, Working Group on Program and Public Policies Evaluation.

INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI)

The Court of Accounts contributes to the Accelerated Peer-Support Partnership (PAP-APP) Programme, coordinated by the IDI.

The Court is a member of the team of peers which provides support to the following projects:

  • Participation in the capacity building project of the Court of Audit of Madagascar 2020-2025.
  • Supporting the Courts of Auditors of Guinea, Niger and Togo in the implementation of the second phase of the Accelerated Peer-Support Partnership (PAP-APP) Programme.

Arab Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (ARABOSAI) 

Within the ARABOSAI, the Court chairs the Sustainable Development Goals Audit Commission.

The Court is also member of the following commissions:

  • The Institutional Capacity Building Commission
  •  The Professional and Auditing Standards Commission
  • The Information Technology Audit Commission

African Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (AFROSAI)

Within the AFROSAI, the Court ad interim chairs the Organizational Capacity Building Commission, and contributes also as a member of the Institutional and Technical Capacity Building Commission.

The African Union

The Court is a permanent member of the African Union Board of External Auditors

The Association of Supreme Audit Institutions having in common the use of French (AISCCUF)

The Court is a member of the AISCCUF which brings together 40 SAIs from French-speaking states.