Panels of Court

Besides the eight permanent Chambers, there are panels with an occasional character that have special missions. These are :

Formal Session :  The Court convenes in a formal session to proceed to the appointment of magistrates in their posts and receive their oath.

Panel of Convened Chambers formulates opinions on issues of jurisprudence or procedure and considers the cases submitted to it either directly by the First President or upon request of the Public Prosecutor, or upon transfer after cassation of the ruling announced by the Court.

Inter-Chambers Panel considers the appeal requests brought against the final rulings announced in the first instance by the Chambers or Sections concerning the judgement of accounts as well as the budgetary and financial discipline.

Permanent chambers

Permanent chambers: The Court consists of eight Chambers, four of which are sector-based, a Chamber of Appeal, a Chamber specialized in budgetary and financial discipline matters, a chamber of judgment of Accounts and a chamber de la declaration. The Chambers and their Sections can only hold their sessions in the presence of five Magistrates, including the President of the Chamber or that of the Section.

Programs and Reports Committee prepares the annual program of the actions of the Court and the remarks meant to be included in the Annual Report.