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The Court of Accounts hosts a regional seminar on gender, diversity and inclusion auditing

The Court of Accounts is hosting in Rabat, from 5 to 9 December 2022, a regional seminar on gender, diversity and inclusion audit (GDI), organized by the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) in partnership with the Regional Training Council of Supreme Audit Institutions of Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa (CREFIAF).

This regional seminar is part of the “Peer Support Program (PAP-APP)” to which the Court of Auditors contributes as a peer, thus providing its expertise for the support of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISC) partners from Guinea, Madagascar, Niger and Togo. In addition to the Court of Auditors, the team of peers is made up of experts from the SAIs of Gabon, Norway and France.

This meeting was an opportunity for participants to discuss many important topics articulated around issues relating to the audit of the GDI, including in particular the study of areas likely to be the subject of audit assignments and the related planning in order to control risks, as well as the evaluation of the implementation of projects relating to this area.

Downloadable files:

Communiqué séminaire sur l audit GDI

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