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Signature of memorandum of understanding between the Court of Accounts and its Libyan counterpart

Mrs. Zineb El Adaoui, First President of the Court of Accounts and Mr. Khaled Ahmed Shekshek, President of the Libyan Audit Bureau, chaired on Wednesday June 5, 2024, the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding in the field of Supreme Audit of public finances.

This memorandum of understanding aims to develop constructive cooperation initiatives between the two parties, in order to share knowledge and experiences. It also aims to strengthen technical cooperation by exchanging working mechanisms and methodologies consistent with international standards, as well as strengthening professional capacities through training programs adopted by both parties.

In her speech on this occasion, Mrs First President highlighted that cooperation is a way for the two institutions to face emerging constraints and challenges by developing working mechanisms in the field of digitalization and sustainable development, taking into account the expectations of stakeholders. In this context, Mrs First President stressed that the Court of Accounts, after having gone through two phases, the first founding phase and the second focused on the practice of control, has reached a new phase, focusing on the ultimate objective of have an impact on the lives of citizens through its reports and recommendations.

For his part, the President of the Libyan Audit Bureau praised the eminent place occupied by the Court of Accounts due to the impact of its control work on the quality of public management. He also expressed optimism about what this partnership will bring to both institutions in the area of ​​superior audit of public finances.
The two parties expressed, on this occasion, their desire to maintain a relationship of cooperation and lasting partnership, and to commit to taking all measures which would contribute to serving the common interests of the two parties.